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HIRO SPCA Fundraiser Pin - 1.5 in Soft Enamel Pin


Hi There!

My name is Hiroshi, Hiro for short. I was formerly known as Barry at the Peninsula Humane Society. I was 3 years old when they found me on the streets with no home, until Mommy and Daddy adopted me. It has now been a human year with my new family and I couldn’t be happier!

No one seems to know my real birthday, so Mommy and Daddy use my adoption date March 27th, 2017 to celebrate the launch of this pin!

They said they wanted to help other dogs who have a “RUFFER” time finding loving homes, so they’ve decided that all profits from these pin sales go directly to the SPCA. We all thank you for your support and hope you give a dog like me a second chance in a loving home. #AdoptDontShop



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